Top 5 Benefits of Using Web-Based Assisted Living Software

When everything has gone online, assisted living facilities have no good reason to lag a stride behind in the modern world connected to the internet. It is the fastest and cheapest medium for sharing information. There was a time when all details of residents were stored in-house. There was no client-server architecture, no cloud and no real-time remote access to these details. However, today we have a web based assisted living software that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. It is fast, efficient and highly secure. Moreover, you can have the backup in the cloud. No technical knowledge is required for operating the modern web based software. It is easier than a simple snap of

In modern assisted living software, the vital information about residents such as daily care plans, medical records, well-being and emergency documents are securely stored and accessible. Here are some of the benefits of the web-based assisted living software.

Easily accessible 24X7

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktops have everything required to access web-based software. If you have a browser and the internet is accessible, the information is also accessible. You can see information about residents using any of the devices.

Unlimited Access

There is no restriction or a maximum number of devices. Any number of devices can be used for accessing the web-based assisted software. However, an in-house computer can be used by only one person at a time.

Real Time

Administrators, owners, managers and operators need not wait for hours to update or access information. This can be done online. You can receive real-time text or email alerts related to medication or any other incident, evaluate staff performance, and more.


In a cloud-based application, the data is stored in more than data centers. Moreover, regular backups are performed to make sure that everything remains up-to-date. There is an additional security provided by these web-based systems as the data is transferred in encrypted form. Audit logs are maintained to track changes. Username, passwords, digital signatures etc are used to foil unauthorized access.


Bugs are identified and fixed on the regular basis. New updates often come and usually, you are not charged for the upgrade. If you are facing any problem while accessing the application, engineers are there for a quick and easy fix.

An assisted living facility can also reap rewards of a web-based application. All it needs is a constant and reliable internet connection.


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